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aweofshe's selling journal
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Welcome to Skyrend Sales!
Hello and welcome to aweofshe's selling journal. Please read the links in the sidebar above for more information.

Thank you! ^-^

eCrater shop. Automated checkout if you'd rather skip the LJ comment system. Mainly used for doujinshi sales; other items are only on LJ.

Skyrend Sales @ Tumblr

Skyrend's doujinshi collection reference.

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Dr. Rusty Shackleford [userpic]

LAST UPDATED: July 26, 2013

Even with no group order currently in progress, it is still possible to request items. Please see the REQUEST INFORMATION PAGE for details on how to order.

Details on the Request Service page

- Comiket 84 (08/10/2013-08/12/2013)
- Toranoana order after C84 to pick up missed books

Event: Comic Market 84 (aka Comiket 84, C84) on August 10-12
1st Deadline: December 20, 2012 (try to have your main list done)
2nd Deadline: December 25 (please read more below)

Last minute requests may be accepted, but no guarantees. Additional requests are accepted up until the event date (08/10/2013). Entirely new customers/orders will not be accepted so close to the deadline, so new customers should send their deposits & orders in before 08/06/2013.

If you would like any books from this event, please leave me an e-mail (skyrend AT zoho DOT com) or comment and we can discuss the specifics. Thanks!

None currently, but if enough requests are received, I'll make an order.

Series Links: Hakuouki - Bleach - Final Fantasy - Fate/Zero & Stay Night - Tiger & Bunny -
STEINS;GATE - Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san, and more can be found browsing the site! If you need help, please let me know.

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:|a Wait, so you do doujinshi pickups? I've been reading through the information on here (been doing price-comparisons) and assumed you lived in the states.

I'm interested in 2-3 last minute books for CCS7 (LATE, RIGHT?), but everyone I've contacted charges quite a bit just for commission and handling fees... Not that they don't deserve them, but my job isn't so amazing that I can spend whatever I want xD; /college kid woes /using Rinkya and SMJ for the moment /getting milked for it

Do you have a 'breakdown' of fees somewhere? Or is it more of a one-to-one thing? I saw a $5 commission 'for most items' on the 'request service' page, but wasn't sure if that applied just to online orders.


Yup, I can arrange doujinshi pick-ups for most major events. I don't actually go myself since I do live in the states. I'm a small operation and only really take requests to balance off the shipping fees from my boxes, so the commission page is kinda out of date, sorry.

I cannot provide a concrete fee breakdown, but commission for items is $5 each + other fees like Japan shipping and a small pick-up fee. These additional fees depend on the base price of the item (under 500y is usually an additional $2.50). I always try to give final price estimates to the best of my ability.

Estimate for 1 500y item = around $13 to $16 depending on shipping rates

I do give discounts on the $5 commission fee to customers that make large volume orders, but it takes about 15-20+ books to qualify. @@

Let me know if you have any other questions~

Doesn't Rinkya charge like $15 per item? XD Or did they change their fees?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  
comic city spark 7!

hiiii i'm another person inquiring about your services for this event! i'm not sure what timezone your first deadline is set for... but if you're still taking requests, i'd like something that's not on your list of familiar series, if that's okay~

Re: comic city spark 7!


Timezones are set for PST time. I should probably specify that somewhere, sorry. = =

Anything is fine, just let me know the circle and book title. ^^

(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  
order please

the only books i want is from toranoana to pre-order till it arrived.
the reason why it is a late entry is due to it just show up to the last minutes.


Re: order please


Yup, $20 deposit should be good enough. I estimate final total (without shipping) to be around $38~$45.

To which e-mail did you send the payment? My Paypal doesn't have record of a $20 payment. @@

...... now i want another order... from this site http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=30601748

i want ultra happy bad end 3 for 400 yen and joker x wolfrun for 200 yen

another payment is coming for 15 dollars same email

Payment received, thanks! Adding to the list.


Hi there aweofshe,

I was wondering if you were still open on taking C83 orders? Thank you! ; v ; <3

Re: C83


Yes, C83 orders are still open. :)


Hey! This is my first time ordering from an event (or trying to at least), so I apologize in advanced for my lack of understanding with your service. I know that the doujin I want will be sold at this event, but if there some way of knowing what other items my circle will be selling (I want to get another but I'm not sure if it will be available at the event)?

Re: C83


Which circle is it? Only way to know is if the circle announces their plans on their website/blog. Sometimes they will update very late with new information.


Sent you an email ^^

Re: C83


I am not sure about the price for this, but probably around 2100y. Final total may be around $45-$48.


I see the price listed on Toranoana as 1155y, which means it could be a little cheaper at the event. Estimated total $28-$32.

Not sure what you want here specifically. Everything?

Thank you!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)


I accept requests for any series or pairing. ^^

The 2000y book might end up costing around $45. My friend that does the pick-up charges a larger fee for more expensive items. I don't even like buying expensive items at Comiket...usually wait for cheap auction or something. :/

600-700y book would be around $18-$20.

Shipping to Europe would be dependent on the weight of the items. $15-$16 with a flat-rate envelope.

So total could end up around $81.

hi there! i'm interested in a book at comiket. i believe it will be sold on the third day. it is a pokemon book: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=32132407

do you think this'd be possible? i'd appreciate it a whole lot! < :)


It may be possible, though I can't guarantee. Had a bunch of Pokemon/SubwayMaster requests last event and were only able to pick up half of them. Don't know if this was due to popularity or a simple lack of time. If this circle isn't too popular, better chance of getting it. ^^

As there is no given price, I can only guess...estimate for a 500y book is around $15-$19 (shipping to you not included).

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thank you!

Hi there! I know I'm late but this was a last-minute discovery of mine, and I was wondering if you were still taking requests?

Shirow Miwa is going to be at C83 on day 3 (I think) according to his blog, and I was hoping to get my hands on both 「m3w ver.10+CE」 and 「n1n0!! Kazuya Nino tribute illust book」.

It would be awesome to get a pair of those work gloves too, though I can't tell if they're supposed to be freebies XD

But since this is so close to the event, I understand if it's not possible.


I've already received a few requests for this circle. Their blog says 5 books per person...so maybe it's still ok, but I can't guarantee anything. Plus, this one is a wall circle. @@

Hmm, I think the gloves are free novelty item, but limited to one per person. So they're probably going to someone else already. x.x

If you'd still like to try, please send a deposit of $40 to skyrend AT zoho DOT COM

Let me know if you have any additional questions. :)

Thank you!


Hi, I'm sorry for being way too last minute but I only just gotten news of the item I want from a C83 booth only yesterday. What I want to get is the Konjiki no Yami T-shirt from there.
Website of the booth: http://www.geneonuniversal.jp/rondorobe/comike/83/
This is my first time ... but I really hope you can really help me out with your service. Really please.
Thank you.
(sorry if this is a re-post.)

Re: C83


Not too late, though I cannot guarantee acquisition of the item as this is a last minute request. I need a deposit ASAP because I will be sending off the 2nd wave of requests in a few hours.

Is the shirt you want? What size? Estimated total is around $46 (not including shipping)

If you'd like to proceed with the order, please send a deposit of $40 to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thank you! ^^

Late request!


Is it to late for me to ask of you to get this dakimakura cover for me?:


I just sent you a request for this item, but I don't know if it got through so I'm doing it again! I want it reeeeeally badly yo see, and my other service couldn't get it for me! >,<''

Kind Regards
A Lost Fujoshi.

Re: Late request!


Unfortunately, it's much too late for me to accept new requests. I will not be home the rest of the day and will be unable to wait for your reply. Sorry. :(


Hi, it's been awhile :) I hope this time I'm not too late to request.
This time I would like to get these items from Booth No. 316 GIFT.
http://gift-gift.jp/etc/etc307.html (Konjiki no Yami set only)
Thank you!

Re: C84


Nope, not too late. ^^ I'm gonna be submitting the first list soon, probably 1-2 days.

Estimated total for both will be around $80, but could be as low as $70. I would need a deposit of $60 in order to cover all related fees. If you're still interested, you can send the deposit to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

I'm not sure if we'll be able to get these items as they look to be event exclusive items...I'm guessing they have a limited run. But if they do sell out, you'll receive a full refund.

Let me know if you have any other questions~

Thank you! :)

Are you making an order for C84 hun?


Yup. ^^ There's still time to make changes to the list, so let me know if you want anything.

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