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Buying Rules + Feedback & Order Status

Welcome to aweofshe's personal selling journal. This is where items from my personal collection are made available for sale.

Last Update: July 4, 2014

Everything has been moved to StorEnvy & eCrater. Although I will no longer update this page, you are welcome to leave comments in order to contact me or work out deals.

Some books are listed here in sets/lots. Use the left sidebar or top navigation to browse products.

The original store. Has most items listed for individual purchase.

My entire doujinshi collection. May sell what is not listed in the stores.

Please see the following links for my feedback ratings. For reference, past LJ transactions are here.

LJ feedback post.
eBay profile
eCrater ratings
MakeupAlley tokens

- graduated so not too busy with college atm
- organized pages and added many new items
- hoping to downsize collection by 50%
- still working on the tumblr mirror site.

- added some new items.
- 4 new shipments will be arriving over the next 1-5 weeks, updates bound to follow
- all doujinshi sales now connected via the "DOUJINSHI SALES INDEX".
- working on the tumblr mirror site.
- i'm back to college as of August 25, but most of the site & inventory is already up. hopefully, all that's left is to manage new items and shipping.

- college has been keeping me busy, but managed to update quite a bit.
- all doujinshi sales now connected via the "DOUJINSHI SALES INDEX".
- added new items to every page.
- added tumblr mirror site. i don't like how often LJ is down. :/

- continuation of the update from 03/05. most books are now posted with more to come later.
- new pages added. further organization and page cleaning to take place in the future.

- Huge liquidation sale, almost 30% of my current collection available. New items will continue to be added over the following weeks/months. Many will also be posted to eBay.

- Updated all doujinshi pages with new titles.

- Updated all pages. Added new doujinshi.
- Many requests lately so created a request info page
- Lowered prices
- Still sorting through my collection for items to sell
- Many new doujinshi coming from Japan over the next 3 months ^-^

- added KHR page
- updated main doujinshi page
- updated video game page
- more items to come after Comiket 80 ^^


First to pay has priority.
Holds will be accepted depending on my mood and item popularity. I'm a laid back and understanding person so long as you don't jerk me around.
Items will only be held for a maximum of 3 days unless buyer submits a deposit or we've had prior transactions.
Let me know if you want an item. Deals often fall through & people disappear.
Price offers are accepted but please be reasonable.
More on prices here: http://dj.soul-refrain.net/sale.html#prices
Latest additions to the sales post are indicated with NEW.
RED PRICES denote books that were hesitantly considered for sale. Please submit your best offer. Keep in mind these are books from my personal collection and each book has a varying degree of sale priority.
The items are available until they are marked sold.
Feedback ratings: feedback post, eBay profile, eCrater feedback, and MUA. For reference, past LJ sales are here.
Paypal, POSTAL money order (not bank), and USD cash accepted.
No order cancellations once the item is sent out. No refunds or returns. All sales are final.
Shipping cost is about $5 in the USA. International is around $8 (varies).
Prices listed do not include shipping (unless stated). Combined shipping available.
Customers from "high-risk" shipping countries (i.e. Italy, Brazil, Nigeria, etc) may require: 1) gift payment via Paypal; 2) extra shipping cost to cover insurance
USA RESIDENTS: Items ship within 2-5 business days after receiving cleared payment.
INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS: Items ship within 5-10 business days after receiving cleared payment. These packages must be brought to the post office.
Please send inquiries, requests, and payments to
In a comment or e-mail, please leave the titles of the doujinshi you wish to purchase and your country.
You may also visit the eCrater store to instantly purchase items.
EBAY: If desired, it is possible for me to list any of these books on eBay. However, there will be an extra $3-$5 increase in price to cover the high fees.


Doujinshi wishlist and collection reference. Might be interested in either buying or trading. Willing to pay big bucks for Hibari/Chrome doujinshi, around $20-$60.

Please refer to the order status page to check the shipment date of your order.
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