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aweofshe's selling journal
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Welcome to Skyrend Sales!
Hello and welcome to aweofshe's selling journal. Please read the links in the sidebar above for more information.

Thank you! ^-^

eCrater shop. Automated checkout if you'd rather skip the LJ comment system. Mainly used for doujinshi sales; other items are only on LJ.

Skyrend Sales @ Tumblr

Skyrend's doujinshi collection reference.

July 2013
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Dr. Rusty Shackleford [userpic]

LAST UPDATED: January 18, 2014
- lowered some prices again (some by 30%)
- new het and bl doujinshi added.
- new price reductions (indicated by slash out. example: $12 $10)
- added new Hibari & Mukuro merchandise, etc...
- added new Devi reborn keychains and 1 TYL!Mukuro figure. all cheap!
- sample scans from previously sold items archived @ doujinshi reference website.
- more books possibly available for sale @ http://dj.soul-refrain.net/ (please see statuses)

Most prices are approximated to the amount paid after commission and shipping fees. Won't turn down a reasonable offer, so please feel free to negotiate.

There may be a small price discrepancy between LJ and eCrater. This is to accommodate for the Paypal fee and foreign credit card transactions.

Released hold books (Hibari/Haru, Byakuran/Uni, Gamma/Uni, Hibari/Mukuro, Mukuro/Tsuna, etc) (29)
HET: Chrome centric (9)
HET: Shooting Star Opera (10)
HET: Mukuro/Chrome (5)
HET: GokuHaru (12)
HET: Hibari/Haru (10)
HET: Hibari/I-pin only (8)
HET: TsunaHaru, GokuHaru, HibaHaru, General, Assorted (13)
BL/YAOI: ByakuShou 10051 (5)
BL/YAOI: Mukuro/Tsuna, Dino/Mukuro, Hibari/Tsuna, etc (17)
BL/YAOI: Hibari/Hibari (1)

Devi Reborn keychains (9)
Devi Reborn stamp set (6)
Keychains (13)
Figures (10)
Shitajiki & Clear Files (10)
Cards (100+) FREE STUFF
NEW event cards (7) SOLD OUT
Headphones (1) SOLD OUT


First to pay has priority.
Holds will be accepted depending on my mood and item popularity. I'm a laid back and understanding person so long as you don't jerk me around.
Items will only be held for a maximum of 3 days unless buyer submits a deposit or we've had prior transactions.
Let me know if you want an item. Deals often fall through & people disappear.
Price offers are accepted but please be reasonable.
More on prices here: http://dj.soul-refrain.net/sale.html#prices
Latest additions to the sales post are indicated with NEW.
RED PRICES denote books that were hesitantly considered for sale. Please submit your best offer. Keep in mind these are books from my personal collection and each book has a varying degree of sale priority.
The items are available until they are marked sold.
Feedback ratings: feedback post, eBay profile, eCrater feedback, and MUA. For reference, past LJ sales are here.
Paypal, POSTAL money order (not bank), and USD cash accepted.
No order cancellations once the item is sent out. No refunds or returns. All sales are final.
Shipping cost is about $5 in the USA. International is around $8 (varies).
Prices listed do not include shipping (unless stated). Combined shipping available.
Customers from "high-risk" shipping countries (i.e. Italy, Brazil, Nigeria, etc) may require: 1) gift payment via Paypal; 2) extra shipping cost to cover insurance
USA RESIDENTS: Items ship within 2-5 business days after receiving cleared payment.
INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS: Items ship within 5-10 business days after receiving cleared payment. These packages must be brought to the post office.
Please send inquiries, requests, and payments to
In a comment or e-mail, please leave the titles of the doujinshi you wish to purchase and your country.
You may also visit the eCrater store to instantly purchase items.
EBAY: If desired, it is possible for me to list any of these books on eBay. However, there will be an extra $3-$5 increase in price to cover the high fees.


Doujinshi wishlist and collection reference. Might be interested in either buying or trading. Willing to pay big bucks for Hibari/Chrome doujinshi, around $20-$60.
Reborn doujinshi sample pages + information have been posted to Skyrend Sales @ eCrater. Please feel free to either checkout there or leave a comment on this entry. Price negotiations still accepted! Thanks!

- Het/normal doujinshi is a little expensive due to their rarity.
- SOLD/UNAVAILABLE books: If interested in already sold books, please comment with your request.
- Read more about requests HERE.

RELEASED HOLD ITEMS - Gammma/Uni, Byakuran/Uni, Giotto/Tsuna

Layaway books that have a buyer, but I'm enforcing the 'whoever pays first' rule.
1. Chotto Asonde yo Mukuro! / Mukuro x Chrome, Tsuna / $14 SOLD
2. Little Magic / Gamma x Uni / $20
3. ShortStory / Gamma x Uni / $25 TRADED
4. bianco e nero / Byakuran x Uni / $30
5. Hanzai? Nanisore oishii no? / Byakuran x Uni / $14
6. The Entertainer / Millfiore Family, Uni, Byakuran, etc / $14 TRADED
7. Together With Brother anthology by various / 102p, B5 / Byakuran x Uni - $21 NEW
8. Yes! Lolicon Go! Touch by Purachina anitaripu / 40p, B5 / Byakuran x Uni - $21 NEW
9. Alice in Distortion by Purachina anitaripu / 24p, B5 / Byakuran x Uni - $20 NEW
10. 05 Ai no Uta IV by Suiden Crow / 100p, B5 / Giotto x Tsuna - $24 NEW


Prices are negotiable by a few $$$. Let me know your best offers. ^-^ The discounts get better the more you buy. Will sell all together for $200-ish.
1. Pasticcio / Hibari x Haru / $18 SOLD
2. miell limone / Hibari x Haru / $24
3. Affogato / Hibari x Haru / $26
4. Opal Nera / Hibari x Haru / $28 SOLD
5. Goccia / Hibari x Haru / $28 $24
6. Fragola / Hibari x Haru / $28 $24
7. Spumoni! / Hibari x Haru / $24
8. Caramello / Hibari x Haru / $24
9. Kimi to Onajide Ii Yo 148p, B5 / Hibari x Haru - $35 NEW
10. Double by Eclair, 20p, B5 / Hibari x Haru - $15

Trying to sell these for a friend.

GISELLUKA: $18 $12 each
1. Chocolatier Gisellkiran, 2. WORLD END, 3. LOST, 4. Seiya Norito, 5. Ame Koi, 6. Kitto Mirai ni Deau, 7. Kira☆

KURO: $10 each NEW
1. エンゲージリング, 2. 世界でいちばんお姫さま!, 3. 世界で一番お姫さま! 2, 4. 夢で逢えたら, 5. あいのかたち, 6. 待ち人未だ訪れず。, 7. 偽りの舞台でワルツを, 8. キスも知らない少年が人の殺し方は知っている

HET: Chrome pairings
Click cover images/links to see scans and descriptions.

01. Triple Color anthology, 84p, A5 / Hibari x Chrome, Tsuna x Chrome, Mukuro x Chrome - $36 $29 NEW
02. Chrome Dokuro 100% Petite Anthology, 92, A5 / Mukuro/Chrome, Hibari/Chrome, Yamamoto/Chrome, Chikusa/Chrome, etc - $36 $26 NEW
03. Aru Asa Hitori no Tabibito ga, by B-plus, 44p, B5 / Hibari x Chrome - $19 NEW
04. Re;Re; Reborn Reprint book by NAME, 132p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Hibari x Chrome, Chikusa x Chrome, Haru ---> Hibari - $offer NEW
05. L'avendo perso, 54p, B5 / Hibari, Yamamoto, Gokudera --> Chrome, Chrome x Tsuna - $offer
06. 7680 by Purachinaanitaripu, 30p, B5 / Yamamoto x Chrome - $offer
07. Majokko Dokurochan by WaT, 20p, A5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Varia, Byakuran, etc - $13 SOLD
08. Romantic Love 52p, A5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Tsuna x Chrome - $30 SOLD

RELEASED HOLD: SHOOTING STAR OPERA (Mukuro x Chrome, Tsuna, Gokudera, etc)
Click cover images/links to see scans and descriptions.

01. Star Garden by Shooting Star Opera, 20p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Gamma x Uni - $25 $20 NEW
02. Shugosha Gasshuka 24ji Arashi by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Tsuna, Goku, Giotto - $20 NEW
03. ユグドラシル36℃ by Shooting Star Opera, 52p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $25 $20 NEW
04. 守護者合宿24時[p.m.] by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $24 $20 NEW
05. Hoshi to Yoru no Tsubasa by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $24 $20
06. BRAVE PHOENIX by Shooting Star Opera, 64p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $24 $20 NEW
07. 黒曜さんち+ by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $20 NEW
08. 王様の飛べないゆりかご by Shooting Star Opera, 32p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $20 NEW
09. Strike Back Baby by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $20 NEW
10. Hoshikuzu Love Letter by Shooting Star Opera, 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $22 SOLD

Click cover images/links to see scans and descriptions.

01. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! by Honey Elephant, 32p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $19 NEW
02. Anata ni Deaete Yokatta by Tsuwanogi, 32p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $19 NEW
03. Yunikuro by Purachina anitaripu, 144p, A5 / Mukuro x Chrome, Byakuran x Uni - $24 $20 NEW
00. Kokoroiroscope by Honey Elephant, 48p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $19 NEW SOLD
00. Romance anthology 132p, A5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $24 NEW SOLD
00. Kohaku no Yume by riven, 30p, B5 / Mukuro x Chrome - $19 NEW SOLD

Click cover images/links to see scans and descriptions.

03. KURU! by *quily, 40p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $22 $16 NEW
04. Hayato-san to Issho! by Faithful Dog Mania, 28p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $19 NEW
01. Let's Go to Kyoto by *quily / 32p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $16 SOLD
02. Flutter by Rikuko・Nakauchi / 42p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $14 SOLD
00. G-sama no Iutoori! by Faithful Dog Mania / 20p, A5 / Gokudera x Haru - $20 NEW SOLD
00. Boys & Girls by Faithful Dog Mania / 20p, A5 / Gokudera x Haru - $15 NEW SOLD
00. ICHA!! by Risa & Rikuko, 40p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $26 SOLD
00. Wolf & Raspberry Capacity by Faithful Dog Mania, 22p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $22 NEW SOLD
00. S Prison by Faithful Dog Mania, 18p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $14 NEW SOLD
00. ONE LOVE by OPERA GLASSES, 30p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $14 NEW SOLD
00. Color Mix by OPERA GLASSES, 32p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru, Tsuna x Kyoko, Hibari x I-pin, Gamma x Uni, Ken x Chrome - $13 NEW SOLD
00. Spring Beauty by various, 80p, A5 / various Haru pairings - $35 SOLD
00. How to Deal with A Dangerous Gentleman by Faithful Dog Mania, 36p, B5 / Gokudera x Haru - $24 SOLD

Click cover images/links to see scans and descriptions.

01. Alla Foresta Della Primavera by Nostrale, 40p, B5, / Tsuna x Haru - $20 or offer? NEW
02. Love is... Boy Meets Girl!! by Nostrale, 36p, B5 / Tsuna x Haru, Goku-->Tsuna - $14 NEW
03. sincere. by various / 112p, B5 / Tsuna x Kyoko, Uni, Chrome, Haru, Hana - $24 NEW
04. Chocolat by Tea Party in May, 32p, B5 / Tsuna x Kyoko - $16 NEW
05. pecheur mignon by Shooting Star Opera, etc, 118p, A5 / 1896 6996, Gokudera x Haru, Tsuna x Kyoko, Lambo x I-pin, Hibari x I-pin, Colonello x Lal, Byakuran x Uni, Dino x Oregano, Basil x Oregano, Mukuro x MM, Ken x Chrome, Chikusa x Chrome, - $ NEW SOLD
06. Zibaldone IV, 35p, B5 / Yama/Chrome, Byakuran/Kyoko, Mukuro/Kyoko, Gokudera/Haru, Lambo/I-Pin, M.M./Ken, Lal Mirch/Basil, Ryohei/Hana, Dino/Oregano, Tsuna/Chrome, Hibari/Hana - $16 NEW
07. Tori EVIVAL, 116p, A5 / Hibird, Hibari - $14 NEW
08. VFQ Winter 2008 44p, B5 / Hibari x Hibari - $24 NEW
09. Roll-chan 4 by Torimusato / 24p, B5 / Roll, Hibari, Hibird - $12 NEW

HET: Hibari/I-Pin
Click cover images/sample page links to see scans and descriptions.

BUY ALL REMAINING HIBAPIN BOOKS FOR $95 ($11.87 PER BOOK) $72 ($9 per book)
~~> http://skyrend.ecrater.com/p/14903076/

01. Akai Tori Naku Shita by Sonomono / 46p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $14 $9
02. Atatame Tori Sumu Ato Ni by Sonomono / 46p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $14 $9
03. Yoiyami Hare Shi hi ni Koso by Sonomono / 44p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $18 $14
04. Signal.10-ju- by Sonomono / 58p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $18 $15 $9

05. Lucellino by Sonomono / 40p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $14 $9
06. RESONANCE by Sonomono / 32p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $14 $9
07. Re*NB Hiba♥Pin by Sonomono / 36p, A5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $10
08. Another Route by Sonomono / 44p, B5 / Hibari x I-pin - $16 $12 $9

YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI: Byakuran/Shouichi (10051)
Click cover images or sample page links to see scans and descriptions.

01. 2010~2011WEB by B Bear / 28p, A5, CHINESE LANGUAGE / Byakuran x Shouichi - $26 NEW
02. Whisper by B Bear / 68p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $40 $28 NEW
03. Mr. Parallel World by B MICROCUTS / 36p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $16 NEW
04. Mofu by B Bear, MICROCUTS, etc / 50p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $16 NEW
05. -GENESIS- by TEPO / 24p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $16 $14 $12
06. IMMORAL MISSION by Ortensia / 34p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $16 $14 $12
00. ? Sub-Sugar by B Bear / 36p, B5, CHINESE LANGUAGE / Byakuran x Shouichi - $36 SOLD
00. no limit by microcuts / 24p, B5 / Byakuran x Shouichi - $14 SOLD

YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI: Dino/Mukuro (D69)
Click cover images or sample page links to see scans and descriptions.

01. Taiyou ni Koi o Shimashita D69 Anthology by various / 108p, A5 / Dino x Mukuro - $26
02. RV!5320D69HDR18 by Hoshi Neko & ??? / 36p, B5 / Dino x Mukuro - $10 $8
03. Tropicana by Hoshi Neko / 22p, B5 / Dino x Mukuro - $16

YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI: 6927, 1827, 5927, etc
Click cover images or sample page links to see scans and descriptions.

01. VFQ Winter 2008 / 44p, B5, ENGLISH LANGUAGE / Hibari x Hibari - $24 NEW

YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI: 6927, 1827, 5927, etc
Click cover images or sample page links to see scans and descriptions.

01. RE:frain by U太 / 50p, B5, CHINESE LANGUAGE / Mukuro x Tsuna - $24 NEW
02. AS YOU WISH by U太 & 五月艾 / 40p, A5, CHINESE LANGUAGE / Mukuro x Tsuna - $19 $16 NEW
03. Happy End by various / 64p, B5, CHINESE LANGUAGE / Mukuro x Tsuna - $19 $16
04. Saiai ka by Nanse Hirai / 34p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $10 $8

05. Ho voglia di te by Dangerous Level X / 24p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $14 NEW
06. Watashi... & copybon by Dangerous Level X / 44p+8p, A5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $16 $14 $12
07. Amai Mono ga Yame Rare Nai by Dangerous Level X / 28p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $20 $16
08. Kodomo no Omocha by Dangerous Level X / 20p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $17 $14

09. Chocolate Marchen & Haru no Arashi by mono*unit / 36p & 22p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $12 or $6 each
10. Non-stop Mukuro-sama by INSIDE+sd / 30p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $12 $10 $8
11. Kakurenbo by CHA-CHA / 32p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $12
12. Tears by CHA-CHA / 24p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $9

13. Sweet by Negahyst / 30p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $16
14. Unfair by TEPO / 36p, B5 / Mukuro x Tsuna - $16

REBORN MERCHANDISE - figures, cards, shitajiki, etc

NEW ADDITION! Clear files & shitajiki. Sizes vary.

- Hibari & Hibird (headphones) clear file $18
- Hibari & Hibird (winter wear) clear file $9
- Hibari & Hibird (suit) clear file $9
- TYL Hibari & Mukuro clear file $9
- TYL Mukuro & Owl (green jacket) shitajiki $14
- TYL KHR cast (Hibari, Mukuro, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Tsuna) shitajiki $12
- Hibari (checkered background) shitajiki $9 SOLD
- Mukuro chair clear file $9
- Mukuro & Chrome $6
- Reborn $3 or FREE with $15+ purchase

NEW ADDITION! Devi Reborn keychains. Sealed. $3 each or $20 for all. Offers accepted.
Buy set of 9 on eCrater.

- Mukuro Devi keychain 1
- Mukuro Devi keychain 2
- Lambo Devi keychain
- Lambo Devi keychain
- Dino Devi keychain
- Dino Devi keychain
- Reborn Devi keychain
- Gokudera Devi keychain
- Tsuna Devi keychain
- Buy set of 9 on eCrater.

Photobucket Photobucket
Devi Reborn stamps. Sealed and come with merchandise slips. $3 each or $12 for all. Offers accepted.
Buy set on eCrater.

- Ryohei
- Lambo, I-pin, & Reborn
- Reborn
- Gokudera SOLD
- Yamamoto SOLD
- Tsuna SOLD

Reborn keychains. $3 each (unless otherwise stated). Very cute, especially Tsuna, Lambo, & Yamamoto. xD

- Tsuna mini w/ flames
- Yamamoto w/ sword
- Ryohei monster x2
- Lambo monster x2
- Reborn monster
- Tsuna monster x2 SOLD
- Tsuna monster w/ flames SOLD
- Mukuro monster $5 SOLD
- Yamamoto monster $5 SOLD

Deformed figures that came in a huge lot on Yahoo!Japan. First pic is the original photo from that auction. May be willing to take lower offers since I want them gone. Already selling pretty cheap though as most prices I've seen are $7-$10 each unit. PURCHASE WHOLE SET FOR $26. THAT'S $3.25 PER FIGURE!

- TYL!Mukuro w/ trident $4 NEW ADDITION!
- Gokudera cooking $4
- Tsuna w/ flames $4
- Gokudera w/ cake $6 SOLD
- TYL!Mukuro smile $4 SOLD
- Mukuro w/ trident eyes closed $4 SOLD
- Yamamoto $4 SOLD
- Tsuna $5 SOLD
- Hibari $5 SOLD

You may be able to pick some free cards depending on order total. I've not thought about it too much, maybe around $15 or $20?

14 bookmarks. Some of them are transparent...I tried to show it with the first pic; the rest were scanned against a white background. $1.50 each (except Colonello/Lal $4). Discount if you want to buy them all.

21 clear cards. These are much like the bookmarks above. $1 each ($3 for Dino) or $12 for the whole set. SOLD

8 prismatic bromides. $4 each, $18 set, or offer. SOLD

32 regular bromides. $1 each. $20 for all. SOLD except for a few. Inquire if you want them as freebies.

Mix of cards + TCG regulars. .60 each. $1 for prism Chrome. $5 for set. SOLD

$2 Mukuro & Reborn Halloween SOLD

RARE exclusive event cards. These cards are absolutely gorgeous. Think you could only obtain these through a Reborn fair run by Animate that finished on 7/18. Managed to win an extra Hibari (expensive buying it single, think $10 total) so don't need the whole set. Mukuro is a bit more expensive compared to the rest since not sure if I wanna sell him or not. xD

- Mukuro $8 SOLD
- Hibari $6.50 SOLD
- Tsuna $5 SOLD
- Gokudera $5 SOLD
- Yamamoto $5 SOLD
- Lambo $5 SOLD
- Ryohei $5 SOLD

Hibari character headphones. Unused and new in package. $25 or offer. SOLD

Hibari policeman figure. $8 Buy on eCrater SOLD

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Hi hi! I'm interested in all the Giselluka works and some het doujinshis, too, but I'm assuming the shipping to Australia is going to be hell with just the Giselluka ones already?

As there aren't any samples for most of the het doujinshis yet, I can't decide, so I'll get back to you about that on a later date, but for the Proxy series, how much of a discount would you be willing to go down to?


Since LJ has been undergoing DDoS attacks for the past few days, you're welcome to send me an e-mail at skyrend AT zoho DOT com to continue conversation if LJ is giving loading problems.

Sorry for the lack of sample scans and the overall unfinished page...I really should lock these entries until I'm 100% done. @@ Seeing as I haven't gotten around to advertising the new sales or even coming to final pricing decisions yet, everything is looking very expensive. XD

Total with current prices for the Proxy series is about $130...but that's if everything sold individually which I'm pretty sure it won't. XD So...how about $80 for the set (roughly $16 each)? I'm not that good with pricing yaoi/BL books and unsure if all of Laruha's doujinshi are as sought after as the past few I've been able to sell in the $25-$30 range. Shipping to Australia would probably be about $15 since I think all of these will fit in the flat-rate envelopes.

I'll try to get the sample pages and everything for the het doujinshi up tomorrow. I have a buyer for all future Hibari/Chrome books now so they will most likely never be available unless I can find more. You'd be 2nd in line tho if they pass. ^^

Hi, I'm interested in the event cards. In particular, I'd like Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto. Do you ship internationally?

Hello! Yes, I ship internationally. :) Shipping depends on where you live but it probably won't cost more than $2-$3.

Total for the 3 would be $17 (gift payment) or $18 (regular payment) via Paypal. My paypal address is skyrend AT zoho DOT com

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

I'd be interested in the Hibari SD figure (not policemen one) c:

Shipping for france :D


Total shipped would be $8 (gifted) or $9 (regular payment). My paypal address is skyrend AT zoho DOT com if that's okay with you.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

If any of Lahura's stuff is out I would love it get it

Hi! fuwacchi claimed all the Laruha books but I'm giving her another week or so for payment. Were there any in particular you wanted? If you don't mind waiting, I can get Proxy 1, 3, 4, & 5. There are also some other Laruha books available:


And some Agape as well if you like that circle:

Let me know cuz books tend to sell out quickly. ^^ Long as you don't back out later I'm open to taking requests (cost will be about $12-$16 depending on base price of book). Any commission from requests go towards the $70 shipping fee for my boxes. >.>;


Alright!!! Thanks for letting me know! I'll start saving up right away. Time to cut back in everything I can. Also, would you like me to wait until the items arrive to send payment with the shipping together or individually?

Shipping within U.S. has media mail and the flat rate priority as the max is around $5 so yeah, it shouldn't be that bad. Just depends on how badly I want them in my hands.

Sure, if vol 5 is available, I would love to get that as well. Thanks again! Love ya!

All your items are in the same box so paying for everything once it arrives should be fine.

There were lots of interesting books available so I placed the request for Proxy 5 (Japan shipping fee should be only $1 this time). I'll hear back from the shop in a few days. ^^

Lots of interesting books available? Curses, you make me feel like standing on my toes in temptation

And alright, thanks so much! I'll start putting money aside for your payment! Let me know when they have arrived! I'm guess around Sept 10th when they'll show up but international mail has always been a pain to wait for though.


May I know how much the shipping would be to Singapore for two bkmarks and 2 clear cards??
Interested in getting but have to see if it exceeds my budget.

Thx alot xDD


Shipping would probably only be $1 or $2. ^^


Hey! :D I probably can't pay you any time soon (at least not in a week; possibly in two weeks), but I'm interested in:

- Vongola Shiki
- Shugosha Gasshuku 24ji
- きっと未来に出会う
- Mistake Date

If someone wants to buy any of these and are able to pay before me, well, since you're the seller I guess you can give it to them. xD

I can hold all of those for you except Vongola Shiki which is pretty much already sold. If they back out later it'll go to you. I will try to find you a copy in the meantime though. ^^


I am interested in the Ryohei and the Lambo Event cards that you have. Please let know what you want for them.


Hi! $5 each and shipping depends on your location, though it probably won't be much even if you're overseas.

Thank you!


I have sent payment for the Ryohei Event card with him looking at the sunflowers and Lambo Event card with him looking out a window at the lightning. Please let me know what else I need to do.

Hello! Payment received, thanks! Nothing else you need to do except wait for the package to arrive. xD I'll get them shipped out today or tomorrow.

Thank you~!

Hi! I'm interested in the 3 Mukuro deformed figures (Mukuro with eyes closed, TYL!Mukuro smiling, and TYL!Mukuro with trident). How much would shipping to Canada be?

Thanks~ :D


$4 - TYL!Mukuro smile
$4 - TYL!Mukuro w/ trident
$4 - Mukuro w/ trident eyes closed
$16.50 TOTAL

If that's ok with you, please send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you~! :)

the shoichi and byakuran clear cards this is available :O

and a shoichi bookmark?


Yes, all of these items are available. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  

I want ze Trill! 8D By the way, will probably be sending you another deposit in this coming week.

I have the Hibird anthology for you, it's better. :3

...well, and more expensive ($20). But better. >_>; Would you prefer just Trill?

Hi, I'm interested in the following if they are still available:

1: 21 clear cards. I'd like the whole set for $12.
2: 8 prismatic bromides. The set for $18
3: 32 regular bromides. The set for $20

I live in the United States as far as shipping and would be using Paypal.


1. 21 clear cards. The set for $12
4 have already been sold (Lal Mirch adult+chibi, Shouichi Irie, Byakuran), so 17 left. Does $10 for the set sound okay?

2. 8 prismatic bromides. The set for $18
All available

3. 32 regular bromides. The set for $20
All available

$10 - 17 clear cards
$18 - 8 prismatic bromides
$20 - 32 regular bromides
$50 TOTAL (regular PP payment)
$48 TOTAL (using 'Payment Owed' under personal tab)

Shipping & handling is actually around $5 total but I will ship for free since you're interested in so many items. ^-^ If you can send the payment using "Payment Owed" under the personal tab, your final total will only be $48.

You can send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

EXTRAS: I received 2 extra bromides a few weeks ago so they're not pictured. I can give them to you for free (one is TYL!Haru and the other TYL!Gokudera making an angry face xD) if you want them.

Thank you~!

The new items I'm interested in are:

1. Ookami to Kiichigo no Kyapashiti
2. Hayato-san to Issho!
3. S Prison
5. Zibaldone IV
6. Color Mix

...I think that's your entire Goku/Haru books being sold. @_@

OH, and don't forget the two Amaimon/Shiemi doujinshi! Hopefully you can get the one on Melonbooks too. >

Edited at 2011-11-21 04:58 am (UTC)

Haha, ok. Putting them on hold for you. XD

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