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aweofshe's selling journal
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Welcome to Skyrend Sales!
Hello and welcome to aweofshe's selling journal. Please read the links in the sidebar above for more information.

Thank you! ^-^

eCrater shop. Automated checkout if you'd rather skip the LJ comment system. Mainly used for doujinshi sales; other items are only on LJ.

Skyrend Sales @ Tumblr

Skyrend's doujinshi collection reference.

July 2013
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Dr. Rusty Shackleford [userpic]
DOUJINSHI SALES 1 - collection slaying sale in progress as of August 2012 >O

LAST UPDATED: July 4, 2014

Everything has been moved to StorEnvy & eCrater. Although I will no longer update this page, you are welcome to leave comments in order to contact me or work out deals.

Some books are listed here in sets/lots. Use the left sidebar or top navigation to browse products.

The original store. Has most items listed for individual purchase.

My entire doujinshi collection. May sell what is not listed in the stores.

Buying Info
Trading/Wishlist & Full Collection
Sold Out (thank you!)

ORIGINAL artbooks & illust (2) NEW Hakuouki (89) NEW
Ao no Exorcist (8) NEW Hiiro no Kakera (1) NEW
Aquarion EVOL (3) NEW Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (83) NEW
Arcana Famiglia (26) NEW King of Fighters & Samurai Spirits (6) NEW
ATTACK ON TITAN (32) NEW Macross Frontier (11) NEW
BlazBlue (2) NEW Magi: Labyrinth of Magic (coming soon)
Bleach (13) NEW Pokemon (17) NEW
Clock Zero (3) NEW Pretty Cure (4) NEW
Code Geass (1) Rockman (Megaman) (4) NEW
Darker Than Black (9) NEW Star Ocean 3 (1)
Dark Souls (1) NEW STEINS;GATE (26) NEW
Drakengard (DRAG-ON DRAGOON) (5) NEW Tales of XILLIA & VESPERIA (30) NEW
Fairy Tail (1) Tiger & Bunny (16) NEW
Fate/Zero & Stay/Night (26) NEW Valkyrie Profile (2) NEW
Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 13 (18) NEW Vocaloid (2) NEW
Final Fantasy Dissidia (3) NEW Xenosaga (3) NEW
Full Moon wo Sagashite (1) Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! (11) NEW
Inu x Boku SS (8) NEW Yu Yu Hakusho (1) NEW
Guilty Crown (2) NEW Zelda (2) NEW
Guilty Gear (22) NEW
Gundam SEED (4) NEW Fire Emblem 7 (2) NEW

First to pay has priority.
Holds will be accepted depending on my mood and item popularity. I'm a laid back and understanding person so long as you don't jerk me around.
Items will only be held for a maximum of 3 days unless buyer submits a deposit or we've had prior transactions.
Let me know if you want an item. Deals often fall through & people disappear.
Price offers are accepted but please be reasonable.
More on prices here: http://dj.soul-refrain.net/sale.html#prices
Latest additions to the sales post are indicated with NEW.
RED PRICES denote books that were hesitantly considered for sale. Please submit your best offer. Keep in mind these are books from my personal collection and each book has a varying degree of sale priority.
The items are available until they are marked sold.
Feedback ratings: feedback post, eBay profile, eCrater feedback, and MUA. For reference, past LJ sales are here.
Paypal, POSTAL money order (not bank), and USD cash accepted.
No order cancellations once the item is sent out. No refunds or returns. All sales are final.
Shipping cost is about $5 in the USA. International is around $8 (varies).
Prices listed do not include shipping (unless stated). Combined shipping available.
Customers from "high-risk" shipping countries (i.e. Italy, Brazil, Nigeria, etc) may require: 1) gift payment via Paypal; 2) extra shipping cost to cover insurance
USA RESIDENTS: Items ship within 2-5 business days after receiving cleared payment.
INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS: Items ship within 5-10 business days after receiving cleared payment. These packages must be brought to the post office.
Please send inquiries, requests, and payments to
In a comment or e-mail, please leave the titles of the doujinshi you wish to purchase and your country.
You may also visit the eCrater store to instantly purchase items.
EBAY: If desired, it is possible for me to list any of these books on eBay. However, there will be an extra $3-$5 increase in price to cover the high fees.


Doujinshi wishlist and collection reference. Might be interested in either buying or trading. Willing to pay big bucks for Hibari/Chrome doujinshi, around $20-$60.
FOR SALE - Feel free to negotiate prices.

SOLD (thank you! ^_^)
older sold items moved here ---> http://aweofshe.livejournal.com/499043.html


01. Hakai Miko by Yamaguchirou / 32p, B5 / Inu-Yasha x Kikyou - $14 $22 SOLD


01. Kakusei by en-ju / 32p, B5 / Sasuke x Hinata - $32 SOLD
02. Nemuri no Mori by en-ju / 40p, B5 / Sasuke → Hinata ← Neji - $32 SOLD

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Hello! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post here or on your personal journal, but I'm guessing here. I've come back with new interests in some items, even though my previous purchase hasn't arrived yet, lmao.

特別な1日 Christmas Merry Bell by Giselluka $6
Kimi to, Futari. by DESORDEN $8
Nichiyoubi no Kenja by SHOOTING STAR OPERA $16

How much would the shipping be to Australia? Thanks!

Hello and welcome back. XD

Aw, sorry to hear that. According to the records post it was shipped on the 23rd, so it should arrive in two or three weeks if everything goes well. @@

Weight without carboard and bag is 11oz; with cardboard adds another 1oz. So it's floating pretty close to that 13oz first class weight limit but I think $12 should cover it.

$6 - 特別な1日 Christmas Merry Bell by Giselluka
$8 - Kimi to, Futari. by DESORDEN
$16 - Nichiyoubi no Kenja by SHOOTING STAR OPERA
$42 TOTAL via gift payment
$45 TOTAL regular payment

Thank you~

hi! are the four doujinshi of yamamoto and chrome that you are selling for 25, how much would the shipping be?

Hello! Depends on where you live. Within the USA probably gonna be about $32 shipped. International could be $8+ depending on country.

Do you still have a copy of Bleach doujinshi, "Tears of the Sun"? A while back I had asked about books from "Serenade" but I was too late I guess... I would pay an extra $5 if you still had a copy. T__T

Hihi! I do have 1 left but I was holding it for someone else. Since you're offering $5 more I could probably sell to you since I don't think the other person will be paying me anytime soon. Would $32 shipped be ok? You're in USA, right?

Sorry about running out of stock. I knew there was someone else that was interested in these books but I couldn't find your name. I need to start writing this stuff down. @@


May I please have:

Pairing: Raizen x Mukuro, Hiei x Mukuro
Circle/Published: Y-PROJECT; 1995.03.12
Pages/Size/Rating: 44; A5; Humor, Romance, G
Sample Pages: One, Two, Three
About: A romantic doujinshi with the pairing Raizen/Mukuro and some Hiei/Mukuro. Wonderful artwork!
Price: $14

I live at:
16 Perryridge Rd.
Greenwich, CT
I'll pay as soon as I'm told the full shipping fee and your paypal account. Thank you!

Re: Hello!


Total would be $18 shipped. If that's ok with you, my paypal address is skyrend AT zoho DOT com. Thank you! :)

Hello! I'm interested in the Final Fantasy VI doujinshi "Lost Paradise" and located in the US. I'm willing to pay for it but if there's any doujinshi in my journal that you'd like I'm also willing to trade. :)

Hello! Oh, I love your collection. It was one of the first I saw on the net years ago. XD I didn't see anything that interested me tho, sorry. :(

Your total shipped is $20. You can send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Ooooh...I know it's a bit early and you listed the book in the "Coming Soon" section but I'm really interested in "miniture garden by jargon.46". I already have the money too.^^ Is it too early to ask for that one?

Yeah, won't have that for awhile. xD I'll request another copy since I may not have gotten enough. Will let you know when I get a confirmation. ^^

Oh man. That yaoi Full Moon anthology is SUPER tempting. What would be my total to 97267 if I decided I need it? XD

It's super pretty. The Izumi/Sheldon story is drool-worthy. XD

Total would be $18 shipped. ^^

(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  

I'm interested about "miniature garden by jargon.46" :B ~<3


Ok, I will reserve you a copy. ^^ All 3 copies that were picked up at the event are already taken but I ordered 3 more from their website a few weeks ago to make sure I got enough for everyone. XD Still waiting for confirmation but will let you know when the info comes. :D


3. [memento] by jargon.46 $38 NEW
I live in the US so it should be around $43?

Re: Buying


Yup, $43 shipped. ^^ Or $42 shipped if you're willing to send as 'Payment Owed' on the personal tab.

My paypal is skyrend [AT] zoho [DOT] com if you'd still like to purchase this doujinshi.

Thank you~!

Hi, I'm interested in Miniature Garden; is that still available?. I live in the US. Thank you!

Yup, still available. ^-^ Total is $44 shipped. You can send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com. If possible, please send as 'Payment Owed' under the Personal tab.

Thank you~!

Can I get BARATORA from Tiger and Bunny? I live in the US.

Hello. ^^

Sure! Total is $20 shipped within the USA. You can send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

Thank you~!

Hello! I made a post on doujin_market about looking for FFVII doujin by Karyuudou and you commented on my post. I'm interested in the [Only Time] doujin.

I'm also interested in your other two FFVII doujin, [Secret Innocence] and [Rain] but I have a question. On your LJ is says offer but when I click the link they have a price. Can I still make an offer? If so, I'd like to make an offer of $20 for each.

Please, let me know if you accept my offer for the other two dounjin. Thank you!



Only Time would be $33 shipped within the USA. Or $32 shipped if you can send as 'Payment Owed' under the personal tab.

Prices on eCrater are simply what I'd sell them for without any haggling, like Buy It Now on eBay. $20 is a little low since these are two of my favorite FF doujin. I could, however, keep a look out for additional copies on some Japanese sites and sell you those. None available at the moment from what I can see.

I am kinda trying to get rid of the lower priced items first before going any lower on the horribly overpriced stuff (i.e. anything above $30-$35). XD


To buy:
* end by Ginyirokoubou
* fall down by mixed breed

If you are interested in a trade I have the Macross doujin Scherzando by Escape Club.

+ I live in Australia so I would require international shipping ;-)

Re: purchase


$19 - End
$40 - fall down

I can't find 'End' in sales pile #1 and 'fall down' is probably still in my Macross Frontier collection binder. If you're serious about purchasing, I'll go through the trouble of digging them both out to make an accurate shipping estimate. It's 12AM here and was about to head to bed. XD I'm going to guess the package will be roughly 10oz, so about $10 shipped. Shipping cost to Australia really sucks. :/

Unfortunately, I'm not interested in trades at the moment unless it's one of my super OTPs, lol. x.x Thanks for the offer, though! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Sent you an e-mail and screening this post to protect your e-mail address. :)

Hello, I'm interested in FINAL FANTASY VIII DOUJINSHI / KyouJuu no Mei ha DRAGONFLY / Squall x Selphie
and I live in America

Hello! Total will be $31 shipped.

If still interested in purchasing this book, you can send payment to skyrend AT zoho DOT com

Thank you~

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