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aweofshe's selling journal
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Welcome to Skyrend Sales!
Hello and welcome to aweofshe's selling journal. Please read the links in the sidebar above for more information.

Thank you! ^-^

eCrater shop. Automated checkout if you'd rather skip the LJ comment system. Mainly used for doujinshi sales; other items are only on LJ.

Skyrend Sales @ Tumblr

Skyrend's doujinshi collection reference.

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Dr. Rusty Shackleford [userpic]

over 600 comments from old threads deleted. i'd like to keep all posts for record purposes, but the page was becoming rather unruly and actually stretched the site layout. x.x only completed transactions are deleted, but please keep backups of anything deemed important.


Please see the tumblr page for complete request information. Also read the buying info page for general transaction guidelines.

Will try to clean up this page later.

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Yes, I can bid on this item. :) Deposit is $10. Please send the money to skyrend AT zoho DOT com. Be aware that there is a long wait time in receiving items as I only have boxes shipped when stock hits 5,000g. Next box won't ship until after December or January.

Let me know your max bid in yen in case there is a bid war. I'm not sure how much the full price will be at this moment as there is still international shipping and shipping to your residence to figure out.

also are you taking any requests for this year COMIKET?
If you are, how do I go about making an order
I just what a few doujinshi

Yup, I am. Would need more deposit funds depending on how many books you want. Just let me know the titles and circles. ^^

Deadline for this is around December 20th, tho. Last minute requests can be granted if you can make a fast deposit or if the book isn't too expensive.

*3* ♥♥♥

hello dear~ ♥ I can sent you 35 $ ? D: ;w; for this doujin


1,99 $ need ;A;

Re: *3* ♥♥♥

$35 is fine. ^^ Payment received, thanks!

Your last book should be arriving soon. Maybe 2 more weeks. @@

Nah, it's ok. You can just pay for it when it ships. Does your friend live in Australia?

I'll try bidding on it soon. Hopefully, the bid won't get blocked. ^^;

Yep, that's fine. What's your max bid for those?

Hmm, base price for the D18 auction was 800y iirc. I'm going to say around $22 without shipping.

I think this box will fill up pretty quickly, so it shouldn't take too long to receive new stuff. I got into a new fandom. My bank account weeps. T__T

Hello, is it possible to get this doujin through you?



Oh wow, that's a nice book. o.O Yes, I can order this doujin. I'm probably going to make a Toranoana order in a few days. If you're still interested, please send a deposit of $15 to skyrend AT zoho DOT com.

Final total might be around $25 or so not including shipping. This is just a rough estimate as I am not yet sure how many other people will be participating or the overall number of items in the order.

Let me know if you have any more questions! Thank you!


Had a box ship and all your items arrived. Domestic shipping ran high on one, bumped the price up quite a bit. = =

$22 - 154845393 カカシ×大人ナルト【空っぽのあなたに捧ぐ】sensei !! ( i )
$23 - d131625248 NARUTO同人誌 「崩壊と構築」 sensei!! カカナル
$27 - n108433245 sensei!!「ルキンフォー」
$17 - e129478711 ■NARUTOカカシ×ナルト「ルキンフォー2nd」sensei!!様
$20 - b135774978 カカシ×ナルト★sensei!!(i様)☆ハートマークにご注意!!


I could not find any Persona books by BYPASS. :( They will most likely bring available backstock to the next event they attend.

Hello again! I was hoping you could help me find a doujinshi.


I've been searching on my own but I can't seem to find this particular one anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


No luck here, either. I could only find other books by this circle. :( I'll keep an eye out tho and let you know if it pops up anywhere.

If you want my honest opinion, I think 2000y would be too high...that's around $35~$45 after fees. I doubt bidding would go that high tho (unless these are really rare books).

I'd suggest 1000y or so. Honey Canon books aren't that rare (at least the Bleach ones seem easy enough to get if you have patience).

If you'd like me to bid on these auctions, please send a $25 deposit to skyrend AT zoho DOT com (i'll bid 1000y with this deposit amount. deposits are non-refundable once bids are placed.)


Sure. ^^ This looks like a buy it now auction, so don't have to worry about bid wars. Final price after fees might end up at around $20.

Hello, I'm interested in ordering a few books from Comic City Spark 7...but I have question

My favorite artist is selling at the event and she has previously sold anthologies that I've never been able to get ahold of, I was wondering if I could pay extra on the deposit on the offhand chance she might be selling older anthologies as well? If that's too complicated just let me know...ahah

Hello! Yes, that should be fine. Just let me know which books you want. ^^

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